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Jennifer Espiritu
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Adobe Digital Editions
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It is not a safe time and place for eighteen-year-old Siana. Since the death of her father and the disappearance of her mother, she has to be kept hidden, while attempting to keep her sister, Breckas, secret safe from the unimaginable. But now things are happening that Siana cannot ignore. It seems there is always something dark emerging from the shadows of the crowded forest, trying to enter her home.
When a stranger from another realm shows up on her doorstep, Etreon threatens to unravel her past and take her sister to his realm because of her gifts. But everything changes when Brecka is suddenly snatched by a mysterious outsider. Now Siana must put her trust in Etreon, willing to do anything to get her sister back. As an ancient enemy threatens to rise and devour everything Siana loves, she must cross back into a land of legends, war, and betrayalsa land she wants to forget more than anything.

In this fantasy adventure, a teenager transforms into an amazing heroine who must rely on help from an unlikely partner to save her gifted sister from a dark destiny.