A Girl with a Special Name
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A Girl with a Special Name

A Memoir of Life, Love, Death, Redemption, and Recovery
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Adelina L. Kennedy
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For years, author Adelina L. Kennedy endured a long battle with anorexia and its complications. In A Girl with a Special Name, she chronicles her journey through hardship and her miraculous recovery to a healthier, more fulfilled life. Faced with a multitude of challenges including anorexia, blood infections, medical coma, drug-induced hallucinations, emergency surgery, resuscitation, intubation, attempted suicide, seizures, and pancreatitis, she eventually took two trips to rehabilitation facilities. There, she experienced healing alongside heroin addicts, sex slaves, bulimics, bingers, meth addicts, and other struggling souls.
In this memoir, Adelina recounts coming to terms with her own difficulties and shares her experiences with the medical professionals who saved her. Against all odds, she learned to love and accept herself. She celebrates her triumphs through tragedy and recounts how her experiences have enriched what was once a dark, destructive life.

A Girl with a Special Name offers a poignant look at one womans thirst for unobtainable perfection and the life-threating repercussions that followed its pursuit. It celebrates a strong womans renewal and the unexplainable miracles that shaped her life. Through her journey, she gained a better understanding of mental illness and the underbelly of addiction while learning to embrace grace and compassion.