The Rebellion of a Rogue-Raged Economist
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The Rebellion of a Rogue-Raged Economist

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Sanford Kahn
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Sanford Kahn has been a business author and professional speaker for over 35 years to both the corporate and business and professional association markets. As both economic and political mortals, we live and work in an environment that is in constant motion. This movement is, by its nature, turbulent. His goal is to give business professionals the knowledge to safely navigate this choppy environment and how to capitalize on the opportunities. The future belongs to those individuals that have the understanding to anticipate and the wherewithal and flexibility to take advantage of developing opportunities. Mr. Kahn received both his bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Florida. He was the host and producer of the cablevision series Ask the Economist. His first book is entitled, The Thirteen Great Economic/Business Myths That Dominate Our Lives. He can be contacted at