From an Immigrant’S Oven
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From an Immigrant’S Oven

A Casserole of Our Family’S Potted History from the Vantage Point of My Stomach
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Arthur Gardiner
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Simple recipes, humorous anecdotes, and cartoon illustrations detail an African immigrant familys nomadic past.
When Arthur Gardiner escaped the blood and mayhem of war-torn Africa thirty years ago and arrived in Canada, he brought with him rich memories of an eccentric family and their recipes.

In an eclectic compilation of recipes, anecdotes, remedies, and cartoon illustrations, Gardiner intertwines entertaining stories with interesting information about exotic foods and preparations, humorous folkloric cures, and simple ways to cook delicious dishes the entire family will enjoy. Gardiners collection includes recipes for watermelon konfyt, marshmallows, green mango chutney, rabbit stew, chicken pie, biltong, fritters, and even ginger beer. Interspersed throughout the collection are helpful hints, inspirational quotes, and laugh-out-loud rules for the home handyman.

From an Immigrants Oven shares simple recipes, amusing anecdotes, and colorful cartoons that detail an African familys nomadic past.