Anatomy of a Serial Killer
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Anatomy of a Serial Killer

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Perry Johnson
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Drew Hunt a suspected international serial killer, wakes up to find he has been abducted for reasons unbeknownst to him. He vainly attempts to escape his captors, waking once again to the reality of being methodically tortured. Dr. Thomas “Max” Maxwell, a forensic psychologist, wounded in the line of Duty. He is tormented with the idea of his wife having been a victim of a predatory killer. Prominent surgeon Dr. Phyllis Leigh watched her life crumble when her daughter disappeared. They both believe Hunt is responsible for the deaths of their loved ones and will not stop until they can discover the truth—and quickly, before the FBI discovers what they’ve done.
Together Max and Leigh attempt to delve into the psyche of Drew Hunt and his bizarre world. Only to learn bit-by-bit exactly what makes up the Anatomy of a Serial Killer.