The Wellness Compass Travel Guide
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The Wellness Compass Travel Guide

Tools for a Successful Lifelong Journey
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Joda P. Derrickson
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Do you want to maintain high levels of health, happiness, andaccomplishment for a lifetime?In The Wellness Compass Travel Guide, Dr. Joda P. Derrickson provides a
practical framework for assessing, improving, and maintaining diverse
aspects of personal well-being. This flexible step-by-step handbook puts
you in the drivers seat by providing: > The Wellness Compass, a navigational tool to maintain balanced
well-being. > The Wellness Compass Guidebook, a compilation of resources
and activities that facilitates self-defined strategies for resolving
wellness challenges. > The Wellness Compass Journey, a three-step process for goal
achievement with step-by-step guidance, tips to prevent
backsliding, and strategies to maintain a lifelong wellness lifestyle.Whether you use this system to accomplish a single New Years Resolution
or to maintain high levels of well-being across your lifetime, its flexible.
Adapt it. Make it your own. Keep climbing your mountains and achieving
your dreams!Additional copies of activities can be downloaded from