Kronos Revival
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Kronos Revival

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Richard G. Oswald
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Like its predecessor, The Kronos Revival is a story of time travel and the interactions of its characters, both real and fictional, from various periods of history through which the characters journey. In the original work, Kronos International Time Excursions, an organization composed of top scientistsarchaeologists, historians, engineers, computer programmers, and technicianshad developed a basic method of sending individuals back into the past and then retrieving them.
It was never my intention to ever again return to the past.

A lot of good had come from recent expeditions into the pastthe camaraderie and personal accomplishments were immense because of the experiences we shared. At the same time, life was changed immensely for the time travelersit was immensely challenging and emotionally draining.

But situations arise where we are needed once again on a mission. Family ties and historical curiosity prompted us to once again become entwined in the past.

Join us in visiting the infamous Gettysburg and witnessing history in action via our time-traveling escapades!