Is God a Reality?
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Is God a Reality?

A Scientific Investigation
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Carmel Paul Attard
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Why is there something rather than nothing?Was there a beginning to our universe, or was it always there?
Everything around us winds down; was the universe wound up?
Is there evidence of design in our universe, or was it the result of dumb luck?
Are there other universes besides ours?

Is life common in our universe?
Did life on earth start spontaneously from inanimate matter?
Is there evidence of intelligence in the living cell?
Is there enough evidence for evolution?
Did all life have a universal common ancestor?

Does thinking emerge from brain complexity?
Does the self exist, or is it just an illusion?
Can science explain our consciousness?
Can the soul or self be separated from the body?
Is there any evidence for an afterlife?

Is there any positive evidence for the existence of God, or is it all inferred?
Is proposing the existence of a creator pseudoscience?
Does survival of the fittest imply a malevolent creator?
Why all this pain and suffering in life?
Is there any meaning to life?
Do heaven, hell, and purgatory exist; where are they?

Is God a Reality? is a lifetime study of these questions by a scientist.