Letters to the Muse
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Letters to the Muse

A Poetic Journey of the Soul
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Ajit Sripad Rao Nalkur
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Everyone has experienced love in one form or another in his or her life, yet we seem to know so little about this all-important emotion that we hunger for and are rarely completely satisfied with. In this romantic collection, through letters to the muse, poet Nalkur attempts to bring us closer to the fulfillment of our human urges by chasing the holy grail of true love.
These poems are the survivors of a long relationship with the muse, alive and breathing in Nalkurs heart and soul. This collection in particular focuses entirely, directly and indirectly, on the muse as an entity. It is the poets gift to heror perhaps, more precisely, her gift to the poet. Maybe, even more so, the poems are a gift to the seeking reader.

Time matures a poet, which implies a spiritual growth as well as literary maturity. With poetic satisfaction, Nalkurs words lift us heavenward on the wings of true love. Whether through down-to-earth conversations with the muse as nature or by lifting her up as a powerful goddess, follow this inspiring and dream-like depiction of the Muse of Love!