Lakota Intelligentsia
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Lakota Intelligentsia

A Native American Woman Coming of Age in a Modern World
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Wynne DuBray
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Between the traditions and teachings of her upbringing and the hope for a better a life for herself and for her family, a Native American Sioux woman embarks on a journey that takes her from the idyllic Great Plains of South Dakota to the metropolitan cityscape of the Bay Area in Northern California.
In Lakota Intelligentsia, author Dr. Wynne DuBray shares in her coming-of-age memoir a story of cultural adaptation and empowerment as she navigates moving between her past and its traditions and her future and its possibilities. Inspired by the wave of liberation and activism that swept through the 1960s and 70s, DuBray seeks out a career in academia with the hope of becoming an advocate for multicultural awareness and mental health. But even more, her story is a tale of both her love of education and the special gifts that came from her spiritual being.

To move successfully between tradition, culture, and career, it takes balance, passion, and strength. Dr. DuBrays story speaks to her spirit and to her accomplishments, and it is a chronicle of how her spirituality helped her to continually hold on to a fading past in the face of a blossoming future.