Finding All the Pieces
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Finding All the Pieces

The Life and Struggles of a Preacher’S Daughter
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Lila Burns
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Some look back on life with feelings of fond sentiment, laughter, and love. Some would even relive their whole lives, for they believe they made few mistakes and have few regrets. However, there are some who have little nostalgia when remembering the past, including author Lila Burns. For her, it was chaotic, at best. Every day was a survival test, a game of wills. Would she fight like hell? Or would she give up, lie down, and die?
In Finding All the Pieces, she shares her life story complete with the many struggles and challenges she endured. A collection of vignettes, poems, and essays, this memoir narrates a variety of Burns diverse experiences which include abuse, pain, healing, and redemption.

Finding All the Pieces details Burns full and varied life and tells how Jesus played an important role in helping her deal with and come to terms with her challenges.