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A Novel Based on True Events
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Brandon M. Jett
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It seems Shatter Glass has always had bad luck. After enduring a less than ideal childhood, Shatter manages to muddle through his pain by writing heartfelt poems that reflect on his challenges and attempt to make sense of it all.
As Shatter battles his internal demons and struggles to find his place in the world, he makes a series of ill-fated choices that lead to consequences that include jail. Finally, he seems to find where he belongs when he joins the army. Two years later, Shatter is the father of an unborn baby preparing to deploy to Iraq. But as Shatter becomes immersed in a war seemingly without an end, he has no idea that his real challenges have just begun. Now as he attempts to survive while vacillating between two vastly different worlds, Shatter must learn to change his way of thinking before he can ever move forward from the darkness and into the light.

Deep shares the poignant tale of one mans trials and tribulations as he struggles to find his identity in a world where violence and heartache reign.