Walking with Grace Revised
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Walking with Grace Revised

Tools for Implementing and Launching a Congregational Respite Program
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Robin Dill
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Walking with Grace Revised is a manual that will aid churches and faith-based communities in the process of discerning or starting a congregational respite program. It is filled with eleven-plus years of details, ideas, activities, and advise to ensure the success of their program. From the very beginning idea to the actual day-to-day running of a program, this manual will equip and inspire all who read it.
Robin Dill has combined her Christian faith and her executive and administrative expertise to create Grace Arbor, an adult respite care program supported by First United Methodist Church of Lawrenceville, Georgia. Better than that, she has shared the development of her successful program with the world in Walking with Grace.

Dill, who has been through each complicated step of the process, asks the right questions to help congregations decide whether launching a respite care program for adults with dementia and Alzheimers disease is feasible. If the answer is yes, she provides practical help to get supplies, equipment, marketing, volunteers, and all the other needs of a successful program.

I recommend this book for all church libraries and for all public libraries too. Its a great addition to any social work library, and it will undoubtedly prompt more writing and interest in this type of congregational programs.
- Loretta A. Brandon