A Child’S Voyage to New Life
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A Child’S Voyage to New Life

Memoir of a Little Italian Girl
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Rose Catalano
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Following in his brothers footsteps, Rose Catalanos father decides to leave an Italy that has been ravaged by the war and try his fortunes in the New World. They face the challenges of making their way in a strange land, with no knowledge of English, with strange new foods, customs, holidays, and where laws are formidable. Yet gradually, the family adjusts to life in Toronto. Roses parents find jobs and eventually buy a home, bettering themselves in their chosen country as have immigrants before them.
Against her fathers wishes and traditional Italian family values, Rose finds employment and furthers her education. Soon she meets her husband, and they start their own family. After her children reach school age, she finds responsible caregivers and rejoins the workforce. Her responsibilities increase with each job until she begins to think about starting her own business.

Rose Catalano is an entrepreneur. The life lessons shared in her book reflect her belief that regardless of ones nationality or heritage, there is always someone we can look up to, admire, or be inspired by. A natural storyteller, she shares what she has learned from her mentors, especially her grandmother, in this unique memoir.