Finding Grace
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Finding Grace

A Young Woman’S Path to Diagnosis and Healing
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Finding Grace is a play-by-play account of a young womans journey to a correct diagnosis.
On the cusp of twenty, Grace is beginning to believe that the disoriented fragments of her life are finally coming together, until an unforeseen illness savages her body and rescatters the many pieces.

Though Grace aspires to become a physician, her current state places her on the other side of the conversation. As the patient, Grace unlocks a hidden dimension to medicine that can only be accessed and felt by the individual being hospitalized. Bound to a bed, Grace has ample time to reflect on her life, society, and the meaning of her startling situation.

With irregular symptoms, strained family relations, and a cloud of uncertainty surrounding her future, Grace looks both to God and deep within herself for the strength to combat one of Americas least recognized major diseases.