Tater and the Mystical Boneyard
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Tater and the Mystical Boneyard

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Rose White
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JENNY and her best friend, Daniel have just turned thirteen and are enjoying the last free days of summer. They discuss school and local haunted house while swimming. Later, both find themselves going to a mysterious boneyard with their new friend, Katrina, the school trouble maker. The magic of the place puts Jenny and her friends in one adventure after another.
ADLANE, a little girl from another time. Her ghost is seen haunting the woods near Jenny's house. Only Jenny can help her pass from this realm to the next.

TATER, born and bred for a dog show, finds herself chained in the back of a junk yard. The large puppy brings happiness but an mean neighbor takes Tater off, she is lost. Will the dog ever find her way home?