The Stanolis
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The Stanolis

The Epic and Enduring Legend of an Italian-American Family
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Dr. Vincent M. M. Galici Sr.
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Many families are comprised of the good and the bad, the cherished and the reprehensible, some change, others never intend to. This is the generational saga of the ups and downs of one such Mafia family, the Stanolis.
The Stanolis, the third of four novellas in the series, follows the saga of the Stanoli family who originated from Mezzogiorno and Sicily and moved to America in the first decade of the twentieth-century. Involved in organized crime, they are steeled in learning from the past, and they often find better tomorrows.

Filled with tales of crime and murder, as well as love, this story begins in 1932. The Stanolis, by author Dr. Vincent M.M. Galici Sr., deals with the main characters in greater depth in a complex storyline. Incidents and characters, both familiar and new, are reintroduced and advanced. The suspense rages on, and the scenic, historic, psychological, spiritual, and social crescendo continues to build.