Where Did All the Butterflies Go?
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Where Did All the Butterflies Go?

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Elizabeth G.
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In Where Did All the Butterflies Go? Elizabeth G. shares the powerful lessons she learned from being enmeshed in a cycle of abuse. Though she recognized that marrying her abusive boyfriend would be a mistake, her own mother made her go through with the wedding. That she lived through the nearly life-threatening domestic violence and was able to write about it is a miracle.
Not even the births of her children improved her situation, and she became profoundly depressed. Finally, after her mothers death, she decided to divorce her husband and live a life free of fear. And as if the domestic violence wasnt enough, she then had a Mafia hit on her! An old-time neighborhood group of criminals connected with the Mafia put a hit on her because of some words she used. She could hardly leave her home; they even threatened her daughter. Turning to God for support was her only answer.

Elizabeth G. knew at a young age that she was destined to write a book, and feels that God wanted her to tell her story to help other women understand that if she could survive her life of abuse, anyone can.