Agent-Based Modelling and Geographical Information Systems
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Agent-Based Modelling and Geographical Information Systems

A Practical Primer
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Andrew Crooks
Spatial Analytics and GIS
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This textbook explains how to design and build Agent Based Models and how to link them to Geographical Information Systems.

This is the era of Big Data and computational social science. It is an era that requires tools which can do more than visualise data but also model the complex relation between data and human action, and interaction. Agent-Based Models (ABM) - computational models which simulate human action and interaction – do just that.


This textbook explains how to design and build ABM and how to link the models to Geographical Information Systems. It guides you from the basics through to constructing more complex models which work with data and human behaviour in a spatial context. All of the fundamental concepts are explained and related to practical examples to facilitate learning (with models developed in NetLogo with all code examples available on the accompanying website).  You will be able to use these models to develop your own applications and link, where appropriate, to Geographical Information Systems.

All of the key ideas and methods are explained in detail:

  • geographical modelling;

  • an introduction to ABM;

  • the fundamentals of Geographical Information Science;

  • why ABM and GIS;

  • using QGIS;

  • designing and building an ABM;

  • calibration and validation;

  • modelling human behavior.

An applied primer, that provides fundamental knowledge and practical skills, it will provide you with the skills to build and run your own models, and to begin your own research projects.

Chapter 1 Agent-based Modelling and Geographical Information Systems

Chapter 2 Introduction to Agent-based Modelling

Chapter 3 Designing and Developing an Agent-based Model

Chapter 4 Building Agent-based Models with NetLogo

Chapter 5 Fundamentals of GIS

Chapter 6 Integrating Agent-based Models and GIS

Chapter 7 Modelling Human Behaviour

Chapter 8 Networks

Chapter 9 Spatial Statistics

Chapter 10 Evaluating Models: Verification, Calibration, Validation

Chapter 11 Alternative Modelling Approaches

Chapter 12 Summary and Outlook