Samuel Beckett and trauma

Samuel Beckett and trauma
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Yoshiki Tajiri
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Mariko Hori Tanaka is Professor of English at Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo
Yoshiki Tajiri is Professor of English at University of Tokyo

Michiko Tsushima is an Associate Professor Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at University of Tsukuba, Japan
Beckett's works are strongly related to the psychological and historical trauma of our age. They not only explore the multifarious aspects of trauma but also radically challenge our conception of trauma itself by the unique syntax of language, aesthetics of fragmentation, bodily malfunctions and the creation of void. This is the first book to specifically address the question of trauma in the works of Samuel Beckett, taking into account the recent rise of trauma studies in literature. Rather than simply applying current trauma theories to Beckett, this book provides new perspectives that will expand and alter existing theories by employing other theoretical frameworks from literature, theatre, art, philosophy and psychoanalysis.Following the introduction, which includes an overview of trauma theories and their relevance to Beckett's works, eight essays by a range of international contributors discuss Beckett and trauma from three basic perspectives: 'pathological symptoms', 'body and subjectivity' and 'historical and cultural context'. Responding to the remarkably wide range of Beckett's works, the essays in this collection also refer to many works by other European and American authors. The case study that this book presents will interest anybody studying trauma in a range of subjects, including medicine, theatre, art, philosophy and twentieth-century world literature.
Introduction - Mariko Hori Tanaka, Yoshiki Tajiri and Michiko Tsushima with Robert Eaglestone
Part I: Trauma symptoms
1. Beckett and trauma: father's death and the sea - Julie Campbell
2. 'Void cannot go': trauma and actor process in the theatre of Samuel Beckett - Nicholas E. Johnson
Part II: Body and subjectivity
3. Insignificant residues: trauma, face and figure in Samuel Beckett - David Houston Jones
4. 'The skin of words': trauma and skin in Watt - Michiko Tsushima
5. Bodily object voices in Embers - Anna Sigg
Part III: Historical and cultural contexts
6. Trauma and ordinary objects in Virginia Woolf and Samuel Beckett - Yoshiki Tajiri
7. Smiling tigers: trauma, sexuality and creaturely life in Echo's Bones - Conor Carville
8. The global trauma of the nuclear age in Beckett's post-war plays - Mariko hori tanaka

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