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Autor: R. J. R. Rockwood
ISBN-13: 9781524564810
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The Primrose Path

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Fired from the faculty of Primrose University (PU) because he is not gay, Cyril McCoy, with wavy red hair and green eyes, is an artist whose artwork is prized by the very people whose taunts and jeers make his life miserable. A regular contributor to the Primrose Sperm Bank, Cyril takes consolation from the large number of red-haired childrenmany with green eyesin Primrose, a majority LGBT city.
When his wife Joyce Coral was out of town, Cyrils brother-in-law Joseph Aerie came over to show off his latest thirteen-year-old boy companion, red-haired, green-eyed Craig Kerjack, to stay overnight. While Cyril was humiliated by Josephs visit, he found Craig charming and intelligent, and the two formed an immediate platonic friendship.

When the ex-husband of Josephs sister claimed that his ex-wife was not much of a woman, possibly not a woman at all, Joyce Coral, Cyrils former girlfriend, was plunged into a deep depression. To rehabilitate her and prove the ex-husband wrong, Cyril married her.

Years later, when Joseph Aerie remarked to Cyril that Joyce Coral was a transexual, the result of a botched circumcision. For Cyril, who had spent his life trying to be straight in a predominantly LGBT society, this was the ultimate humiliation. He then suffered a mental breakdown resulting in an extended coma.

Eventually regaining consciousness, Cyril found Craig at his bedside, and both realized that Craig is Cyrils biological son.

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Autor: R. J. R. Rockwood
ISBN-13 :: 9781524564810
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Seiten: 90
Sprache: Englisch
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