Grown Folks’ Tales
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Grown Folks’ Tales

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Rai Hill
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Wouldnt it be refreshing to pick up a story and be able to visualize and relate to one of the characters? Whether it is their age, physical appearance, or just what theyre going through on this ever-changing path we are all traveling on called life. As mature adults, we are still fully in the game of love, life, and lust and not to be written off just yet. We are never too old to experience self-discovery as we mature, whether youre in your forties, fifties, and even sixty and onward. We dont have a sexual expiration date. Especially with this little blue pill that discreetly seems to be systematically making the rounds. Its okay that ones latter years may be when a person discovers the joy of intimacy. We dont all automatically slow down sexually. Our sexual appetites dont always diminish or poof and vanish into thin air. Our carnal desires and pleasures cant all be wrapped up nice and neat and then be placed on a shelf to gather dust and never to be opened again.
It is at this time in our lives that most of us have experienced life and all the different flavors it has to offer. I like to refer to it as the seasonings. I believe variety truly is the spice of life. Learning to love and embrace who we are and understanding that one size really doesnt fit all. The path to ones happiness may not be a traditional path. Let me be your tour guide as I pull back the curtain so that you can get a brief glance at a few of the many paths that can lead to happiness. These reflections are the inspiration behind Grown Folks Tales.

Thank you and enjoy,

Rai Hill