Good Gifts
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Good Gifts

Overcoming: Challenges, Adversities and Problems
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Good Gifts is a vivid heroines account of rebuilding after being a victim of ominous circumstances. This book captivates and demonstrates that one can overcome challenges, adversities, and problems that ensue after dire circumstances have ended. Subsequently, it proves that even though you have been victimized you do not have to remain a victim. Furthermore, it is a story about recapturing your spirit, recapturing your soul, and recapturing the essence of who you are. Consequently, it is about overcoming despite the storms that are brewing all around you. Moreover, Good Gifts is about that little ray of sunshine amidst lifes stormy clouds. Good Gifts is about looking inwardly to find the courage and strength you need for outward endurance. Consequently, Good Gifts is about growth and understanding and surviving calamitous circumstance through faith, prayer, and courage.
Good Gifts is a story of how Sarah escaped immediate harm, but her battles were nowhere near over. Moreover, retrospectively, her real battles had just begun. Good Gifts is about the renewal of faith amid dire circumstances. Furthermore, it is about the restoration of confidence and eradication of self-doubt. Subsequently, this book reinforces how Sarah learned to utilize powerful built-in tools readily available to withstand her storms. Additionally, Good Gifts is a feel-good book that will inspire and encourage people of all ages. Accordingly, this book displays the necessary tools needed to lead to victory. Good Gifts is filled with scriptures and Bible verses as well as powerful quotations about life and endurance.