Dustys Jeans
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Dustys Jeans

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Kitt Foxx
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A young nineteen-year-old girl from New York City has been abandoned at a large superstore by a semitruck driver after using her and befriending her for months. She has not a penny to her name! She is in shock and desperate. Never having been in this situation before, she grasped the first straw that came along.
His name was Dusty, a perfect example of a big-hearted ole cowboy, and after breakfast with him, she decided to worm her way into his heart. That turned out to work both ways. They fell in love. She was enthralled by his simplistic attitude and speech. They both had to learn how to communicate with each other. She was determined to get to be a cowgirl and stay with him. There was no life for her back home in New York City. Her parents were hopeless with drugs and alcohol. She had to succeed with Dusty. There was nothing for her to go back to in New York. This was her only chance. And, after a long two-year period, they came together and admitted they loved each other. They got married and good things started to happen to them both. Little baby Dusty Gene was born, and things just kept getting better! Lots better! Love is a wonderful thing on a remote ranch in Engle, New Mexico, now.