With Loving Concern
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With Loving Concern

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Sr. Virginia Kampwerth PHJC
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With Loving Care is a book that describes the history of the American Province of the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ from the time of its founding by five sisters who came from Germany to Hessen Cassel, Indiana, to serve the German-speaking people of Northwestern Indiana until the present day. The book was written to outline the efforts of the sisters with the people of the different geographic areas throughout Northern Indiana, all through Illinois and the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota. Wherever the sisters ministered, they also attracted other young women to join them, either as vowed members or as associates who would also serve the people following the charism of Catherine Kasper. The work of the sisters was in the general fields of health care, education, and childcare. As time went on, the apostolates expanded to include parish ministry, retreat ministry, and individual types of service with the people.