Black Republicans
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Black Republicans

“Swimming with Crocodiles”
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Leon Segers Jr.
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For those who are curious or, perhaps, even somewhat confused behind the reason why I named this entertaining book Black RepublicansSwimming with Crocodiles, its my analysis of what lifes like behind their strange choice. Picture being in some unfamiliar body of water where you, at first, feel safe yet very dangerous eyes and intentions are on you. Though, seemingly, there are visible ways to avoid being eaten alive, your casual stay in that water is not a guarantee of being safe. But if it doesnt make the wrong moves, well . . .
And, like any body of water with crocodiles in its vicinity, splash around and make the wrong moves then watch what will happen. Since they wont see you as just another crocodile, you will then only give them their sole objective in a crocs life, which is to attack and eat you like you didnt matter. Theres no negotiating, and they know theres nowhere for you to runexcuse meswim away to, even before you try.

Their intentions with you are radar sharp and felt by every other croc for miles. Simply put, what fight can you possibly put up? Youre not a crocodile like them, and you cant pretend to be one. Reality says youre nothing to them except a mere morsel. Go ahead, look toward any shoreline all you want. No matter who might be there, whether they look or seem just like you, they arent getting in that water to rescue you. So swim, scream, pray, try to fighttheyre crocodiles, and you dont matter.