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Eva Fischer-Dixon
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Before graduating from Yale Law School, Mira Chambers hoped for one thing and one thing onlyto have her mother, Jessica (Jessie), present when she received her law degree. However, Mira understood and accepted the reason behind her mothers absence; her mothers life depended on remaining in hiding. She was not certain why her mother hid her away in a boarding school in Switzerland and why she was taken from her hotel room in Barcelona, Spain, by someone who was trusted by her mother. Not knowing her destination, Mira relied on her escort, and after some treacherous endeavors including being rescued by commandos at sea, she was taken to the port city of Eilat, Israel. While under protection of Shin Bet, she receives a locked box with five notebooks written by her mysterious mother. As she read the notebooks, Mira realizes the shocking truth about her immediate family. Her escort, Moshe, whom she named the Trusted One, turned out to be more than just that when the two of them fell into forbidden love. Mira must find out what happened to her mother and why Mira was locked in the hotel suite with Shin Bet looking over her day and night. Was her life truly in danger? How long were they going to keep her isolated from the outside world? Would Moshe be able to save her and love her despite the circumstances? Mira could only hope and pray.