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A Modern Day Goddess Love Story
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Lily Rose
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When Aphrodite learns her fianc has been involved in extracurricular activities for the duration of their relationship, she leaves him on the spot. Now faced with the issue of no home, no car, and no job, she willingly accepts the airline tickets and small donations from her friends and family.
At first, this period of extensive travel ushers in exciting adventures and people. Gallivanting around the globe as a free agent with no responsibility or fianc to answer to is refreshing. However, after a year, the novelty wears off, and the jet-setter lifestyle begins to take its toll. She no longer takes joy in the irony of traveling on private jets and hobnobbing with the wealthy while she is flat broke.

Inwardly, she yearns for the stability of home and someone to love but has no idea how to attain such things while stuck in such a fast and shallow environment.

This is a true story of Aphrodites quest for freedom and happiness, what she does to survive in NYC, and how she calls forth the courage to completely reinvent herself that, in turn, reconnects her with a man whos been waiting for her since their first brief but indelible meeting years before; this is about how the power of love can transform.

Ultimately, its Aphrodite refusal to accept a mediocre life that enables her to successfully pursue her dreams and refine her character. Its a story of how we all may attain the happy ending by simply listening to our inner voice and wisdom.