Silent Thoughts
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Silent Thoughts

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Ive often wondered, and Im sure others have too, what goes through a persons mind when trials and tribulations arise in their life. Im not just talking about the difficult times but the joyful ones too. We ask ourselves questions like, What makes a person stay in an abusive relationship when its so easy to walk away? Why do some people cry after receiving good news? Why is the homeless man smiling while living in a cardboard box? Why did the mother who just buried her murdered child forgive his murderer? These are just some of the questions we ponder. How blessed I am that I get to share some of those stories with you.
Silent Thoughts is just that, the thoughts of a person who may be going through similar situations in their life. Since we dont know their journey, who are we to judge them? I think its best that we simply listen and learn as their situations teach us about life, and while were doing that, who knows, a few secrets may be revealed and save us a little pain or increase the joyful life were already living.

Silent Thoughts is the book youve been waiting for to answer some of those questions. Its the missing piece to your puzzled mind, so let it fill in the blanks and exercise the beliefs you were unsure about. Im sure, when youre finished, a few of your questions will have been answered. So as always, sit back and relax, and let some of our stories do the talking for a while. Enjoy!