Heaven and Earth
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Heaven and Earth

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Arturo Riojas
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From the heavens, they came to our Mother Earth. Through a different dimension, they move freely to examine the fruits of the seeds they had planted several millennia ago. Their race was characterized by a highly developed intellect, evolving only after the conquest of the poisoned environment of their world and the maladies that had nearly driven their race to extinction. They travel the galaxy on a search.
This tale of intrigue involves national secrets that NASA, DHS, the Air Force, the CDC, and the FDA cannot disclose. From a web of misinformation and concealment that spans the nation from coast to coast, the truth must be extracted and revealed. Why are we being protected from the truththe existence of a race of alien beings and the known environmental causes of problems ailing our societyand what is the price we pay for this protection?

The story unfolds while drawing parallels between their world and our ownconspiracies to exploit the masses, events and conditions that are not as they appear, the universal need to know, the conflict between self-interests and the universal good, and the ultimate triumph of valor over fear.

This is a story involving different kinds of races. For the space travelers, it is a race against time and a message traversing the vast emptiness of space at the speed of light. For earthlings, it is a race to reverse an environmental tailspin leaving death in its wake. A tale of mass deceit and denial, conquest without overt violence, insidious enemies, and turbulent battles fought within, Heaven and Earth explores the very sources of pain and suffering and offers a surprise ending to free two races from oppression and exploitation. But the battles . . . are just beginning.