A Zoo Just for You!
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A Zoo Just for You!

The Aviary
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Lynelle Eck
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A gaggle of geese and a pride of lions are examples of collective nouns,names we assign to groups or collections of animals or people. Often a collectivenoun describes either 1) a behavior specifi c to that group, or 2) an appearancepeculiar only to that group. This first-of-a-series book will take the children to thezoo, specifically the aviary or bird house. It takes children on a learning journeyto discover group names of birds; it also teaches five very interesting fun factsabout each bird. In the end, the children are asked what they would name theirown group a tool that reveals what is important to them and their own ideas ofself-image. A Zoo Just for You plays with descriptive words as well as reveals funfacts about birds; it hasinformation for children to share with, and impress, others.