Are You Ready for a New Beginning?
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Are You Ready for a New Beginning?

You Can Be All You Desire to Be
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Glenda "Skip" Vogel
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Things happen then its time to take the next step. You have made the decision to move on to new things in your life, to develop new interests, old interests, and to become all you desire to be.
Maybe you were once married, but its back to being single again. Or maybe, its just time to make some changes. You may have to address the loss and grief you are experiencing. Perhaps its time to get beyond bitterness, beginning with forgiveness.

What new things can you consider? How about taking some classes at the community college? Joining an art class? What about line dancing or learning to play pinochle or becoming a gourmet cook? Are you interested in politics? Your opportunities are limitless!

This is not a self-help book. We are partnering with the Holy Spirit. We call for his wisdom to get us to be the new person that we want to be.

My life experiences have taught me how to move past many of lifes obstacles. It is a serious mistake to put off beginning your path toward your new life. The time is now. Dont waste this opportunity.

There is life after divorce! You are not stuck where you are.

Skip Vogel