Poems for the End of the Age
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Poems for the End of the Age

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John Peter Allemand
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Poems for the End of the Age is a poetry book with an apocalyptic message. A reading of the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible and also known as the Revelation to John or the Apocalypse, has led the author to an entirely new and astounding interpretation of a number of Johns visions. His conclusion is that there will be an end-time upheaval in the world order and, specifically, a catastrophic war between the United States and Russia before the end of 2030. An Introduction offers the historical background and the detailed analysis of the Apocalypse for this frightening scenario. The following seventy rhymed quatrains are divided into two collections, namely, Reflections of a Believer and Empire of the Apocalypse. The former includes verses of a Christian, inspirational, and personal nature while the latter directly addresses the authors interpretation of the Apocalypse. In a poem of 100 rhymed quatrains entitled Discourse on the Mosel or The Century Poem, four characters, namely, an American, a German, an Israeli, and a Poet, discus their views of recent historical events and their prognostications for the future.