The First Nation of Africa
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The First Nation of Africa

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Walker Norris
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The world around us was in turmoil. We watched racial tensions grow with the untimely deaths of prominent leaders. From political to spiritual, the world was changing forever. There are many people in my family that I could dedicate this book to, but I want to honor my great-grandmother because she left an imprint on my life that time has not altered.
Mother Aikens took the time to make sure I learned the history of the African people. Every chance she got, she talked about her past and the lives African people were forced to endure. I believe this taught me to be compassionate not just toward black people but for justice.

To this day, I loathe injustice, and I pray this book will have the same legacy my great-grandmother left with me in that it will help us to have a better understanding of our history, will teach us to show compassion toward one another, and most of all, will help us to correct injustice.