I Have a Secret but My Husband Do Too
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I Have a Secret but My Husband Do Too

Two Wrongs Can Be Deadly
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Keandra Barry
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Walter and Nasta have been married for a while now, and they have both fallen out of love but dont want to let each other go. Quan was a fine-ass white guy that all the women wanted. He was a hustler and had lots of women, but he had a secret. His wife, Layla, and her friend, Cassie, would later find out the hard way. Nasta, Juicy, and Shala are best friends that would go though any measures to protect each other. Reynold and Ashia has opened up a new club in hopes of fixing the debt they are in but also picking up some bad habits along the way. When things turn ugly and killing the person you love is your only option, what do you do?