The Two-Knock Ghost
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The Two-Knock Ghost

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Jeff Lombardo
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The Two-Knock Ghost is the story about a good man, a psychologist, who slowly slips into alcoholism after the death of his parents and his paternal grandparents on their way home from his twenty-fourth birthday party. They are killed by a drunk driver. After thirty years of drinking to anesthetize his emotional pain, his wife, a nurse and a great person, asks him to leave because he is not the man she married. She says shell wait for him, but he needs to get his act together before she accepts him back.
He leaves in shock, not having a clue that hes an alcoholic. While living away, he is troubled by dreams of the devil, whom he doesnt believe in in conscious life, and by a pesky ghost that knocks twice in many of his dreams but never comes in and reveals itself. It is the story of his personal search for answers and the truth about himself and what or who the two-knock ghost really is.