One Storm Too Many
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One Storm Too Many

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Evan Brett
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Our fourteen-year-old Marnie Camden finds herself in something of an adventure simply because she picked up a shiny green bottle from the beach. In the past, she has recovered many objects from her beach, and this particular bottle is nothing exceptional . . . other than the fact that she has found a note inside.
Somebody called Timothy is in trouble, it says. How old is this note? Should she do something about it? What could she possibly do anyway?

In the meantime, the note writer is indeed in serious trouble. His familys yacht has been hijacked in open water off the coast of British Columbia, and the smelly and sinking USS Rust Bucket has suddenly become their unwanted prison. Who are these dangerous thieves who have raided their boat? Do they intend to kill Timothy and his family?

Can Marnie find Timothy? Whom could she get to help?