Stern’S Guide to the Cruise Vacation: 2017 Edition
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Stern’S Guide to the Cruise Vacation: 2017 Edition

Descriptions of Every Major Cruise Ship, Riverboat and Port of Call Worldwide.
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Steven B. Stern
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"The extent of detail given . . . is good not only for the novice cruiser finding their way around . . . but also for the veteran cruiser who wants to know the latest about the newest ships" ("This is the book with which to gain a full and thorough understanding of the wonderful world of cruising. Repeat cruisers and novices alike will gain from the volume of featuresmenus, daily schedules, photos, as well as details on every cruise ship and port of call throughout the world. This should be the encyclopedia for any cruise aficionado" (World of Cruising).
"People who've never cruised beforeor those who have, but find themselves faced with a confusing onslaught of new shipsneed to know a great deal, and this book goes a long way in providing it" (Chicago Tribune).
"Stern's Guide to the Cruise Vacation is one of the most comprehensive authorities and a must-have for both the novice and the seasoned cruiser" (Porthole Magazine).