Forty Day Devotional Attitude
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Forty Day Devotional Attitude

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Pastor Aziz Ditta
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Mission: Desperate for God. It goes without saying that prayer is essential in all missions and evangelism, but perhaps our work goes without prayer if it is not said. How often we unintentionally venture out without asking for directions from the Lord. We simply cannot be successful in Gods work without a prayerful dependence on Him for wisdom, strength, inspiration and finances. Ministries today have many tools and organizational structures to support their work, but these things can also become a substitute for Gods power and grace, which He bestows on those believers who are desperately dependant on Him. Some call this living faith and often we think that it applies mostly to those in full-time ministry who raise their own financial support. God, however, desires all to live by faith, recognizing that He alone, is our Source. Whom do you see as your provider? Whom do you see as your employer; your own self, or God? (Zondervan Christian growth study Bible, page 607. Please read Psalms 77: 1, 2, and 14).