Winning the Victory Every Time
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Winning the Victory Every Time

Ten (10) Ways to Keep the Devil out of the Home
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Victoria Rutledge
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Are you tired of feeling like there is no way out?
Tired of feeling defeated, and it looks as if you just cant win?

Winning the Victory Every Time: Ten (10) Ways to Keep the Devil Out of the Home is your strategy for winning the victory.

This book will show you the champion you have been created to be. It will show you steps you can apply to walk in victory. There are vital keys included for adults and children to inspire and equip the whole house in winning the victory.

A foundation is laid where you will learn what the problem is, where the problem is, and a solution to the problem. Prayers inspired by God for you are included with each step to help you decree and declare victory.

This book teaches and shows you how to have victory in every area of your life, including but not limited to finances, health, family, career, salvation, relationship, and so much more. It will build a strong foundation that your family can stand on now and forevermore because there is power present and available to heal, set free, and deliver.

Victoria Rutledge has been anointed for such a time as this by God to bring believers closer to the Lord and to connect unbelievers with the Lord. Many lives have been touched through ways the Lord uses her. She works with her husband, Minister Ronald Rutledge, and their three sons in ministry within their local church. They travel, teaching and preaching the Word of God wherever the Lord leads.