The Seven Godly Keys Towards Perfection
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The Seven Godly Keys Towards Perfection

A Biblical Eternal Vision to Guide Achieving Permanent Meanings in Architecture and Worldview Exploring a Symbolism to Be Achieved in Canada and the Whole Globe
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Luay K. Buni
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The history of human civilizations is lacking perfection. One theory replaces another, and no theory has ever been permanent in the worldview of all civilizations. In philosophy, the phenomenology philosophers admitted that all the history of philosophy included a meaningless conflict between two main attitudesthe ideal and the natural standpoints. They added that the truth should be based on an interrelation between those two standpoints to start a third new standpoint, which is yet to have a lot of understanding to come! There is no agreement on any permanent timeless and placeless absolute truths, which are true keys toward perfection, neither in philosophy nor in any other field in worldview.