The Physics of Heavy Light

The Physics of Heavy Light
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And Other Light Mysteries
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Col Parkes
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This book is not a textbook or a reference book but is a technical book. It attempts to provide simpler explanations for some strange light "behaviour" than existing theories provide. It describes light behaviour in terms of more tangible concepts without the need for mysterious quantum physics or complicated mathematics. It contains useful general information on the physics of light but only for background. While there is an element of myth busting about this book, I don't believe existing light theories are completely wrongsome are just incomplete or based on misinterpretations of observations. Current light theory has been good enough to help us understand what we see from the edges the universe down to almost atomic scales and many levels in between. But the explanation of what light really is and how it does what it does seems incomplete. Will this book explain everything about light, perhaps not! But as you realise the significance of my light ideas on the science of the atom and the universe you may be surprised.

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