Essence of Success

Essence of Success
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Essence of Success
Success is what you are pursuing and it also what everyone in the world is chasing after. This is because success is the vehicle that will take you from your current status, level, dimension, and state to a higher one. You will only climb higher after you succeed in your current endeavour. Without it you will remain a normal man and die to add value to the graveyard. You might be thinking right now that success is unreachable for you because everything you try seems to fail. But don't you know that a failure or ten failures or even hundred failures are a step away from success, it is an indication that success is very close.

This book is written to show you that success does not happen with a big explosion nor by luck or when you receive a prestigious US scholarship, but it is the sum of all the right things that you do to complement what you believe. The very fact that you are alive and are living in a free country is indeed a success. In fact, you have succeeded a million times but did not know it. After reading this book, you will appreciate that your day-to-day life is a constant success, and all you have to do is appreciate those successes and move on. It will cause you to put together all your successes and become a super successful person.

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