Prissy Sissy Tea Party Series Mardi Gras Tea Party Book 3 Tea Time Improves Manners
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Prissy Sissy Tea Party Series Mardi Gras Tea Party Book 3 Tea Time Improves Manners

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Elizabeth Long
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The Prissy Sissy Tea Party series of childrens books is centered on tea parties. The setting is a small town in the South. Sissys parents own a private school, LEcole Par Excellence, and a bed-and-breakfast inn known as Magnolia Manor.
The main character is Sissy, an eight-year-old who is the product of a Southern mother who believes strongly in maintaining the social graces, customs, and traditions of the past and a retired father who was a military officer but is now headmaster of their private school. Sissy blends her mothers influence with her own travel experiences and exposure to various cultures made possible because of her fathers military assignments. She then tells her story in her own Prissy Sissy way.

Her four best friends are Lauren, Zack, Alex, and Zeus, her Doberman Pinscher. There are several exchange students attending the school who will appear as special guests when a tea party focuses on their homeland.

These books teach readers manners, tea etiquette, and social graces.

I am aware that todays world is one giant global society. Writing about other countries and studying their history and culture lend a cosmopolitan flavor to these books.

Different tea customs are explored and put into practice at the tea table. Artistic and musical personalities are also an integral part of this series.

Each book has a particular theme incorporating the aforementioned elements.

Areas of interest:
Vocabulary building
Tea etiquette
Cultural arts, music and art
Other cultures and customs

These books will appeal to children aged four to ten.