The Witches from the Other Side of Hell
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The Witches from the Other Side of Hell

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Dallas Dwayne Conn
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The Witches from the Other Side of Hell Dallas Dwayne Conn

This story is full of witches and the evil spells that they cast in behalf of their lord, the devil. The more evil that they are able to do, the more power that the devil gives to them. They sacrifice anyone and everyone that they can to get the devils blessing. The more that the devil likes them, the stronger they shall become.

When the people in this story run into two witches that are really old, they learn that the older the witch is, the more powerful she becomes. The warrior is sent out by God and one of his angels to destroy the witches. That doesnt mean that his job is going to be easy just because God and an angel are on his side.

The way that the witches use their evil magic to do their sacrifices is graphic, and it goes into full detail of the skinning and the bloodletting. Evil witches are deceivers of men, and that is why God picks one man to become a warrior for him. The warrior uses his faith in God to gain strength and wisdom to fight the battle between good and evil, the fight between the good light and the darkness.

Who will win this fight to the death is in this book of evil and good magic. Everything comes with a price, and you will be left asking yourself if you have what it takes to make the right call. The warrior is wearing his costume, and it will give him great power.

What will you use to defeat the evil that the witches from the other side of hell throw at you?