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Richard Stein
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Seven years ago, after his Ponzi scheme collapsed, Nashville attorney Anthony Colson vanished, along with forty million dollars of his clients money. Now, a man claiming to be the son of one of Colsons financial victims has a new theory of the crime, and he has hired Caitlin Logan, a young investigator from Del Mar, California, to solve the disappearance and, possibly, claim a substantial reward. Caitlins investigation will take her to Music City, where she will encounter Erica Blaine, Colsons ex-girlfriend who sold him out to the FBI; Carter Winslow, the author who wrote a salacious best-selling novel based on the crime; and Kyle Ford, the former PI who owns the Green Hills Bar and Grille and who is the one man in Nashville that Caitlins mother doesnt want her daughter to meet. And then there is Nashville television and movie producer Jonah Aaron and his wife, screenwriter Elana Grey, who have an agenda all their own.