The Presence of God, from Garden to Table

The Presence of God, from Garden to Table
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A Bible Study in the Language of Food
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Londie Phillips
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Do you have a gift, talent, or insight that you would like to share, but need the tools to begin?
Are you looking for an open door to teach, lead, or mentor a certain demographic of people?

The Presence of God, from Garden to Table is the perfect launching vehicle. The study is designed for seasoned believers who know there is still more to see and experience. Written also with new believers and seekers in mind, lessons introduce key Bible stories through the perspective of a meal; realizing we might forget, or never really listen to the details of a story, we always remember the food. Each relationship-based segment includes a thought-provoking and personal exercise, and chapters end with suggested dishes to taste and experience as a group. This rich study—designed to open the dialogue with the familiar topic of food—provides a foundation for evangelism, apologetics, discipleship training, counseling, and fellowship/friendship opportunities. Consider the possibilities.

Enjoy as a devotional study or in any group setting.


· Bible Study—Experience a fresh approach. It is about knowing God, and knowing who he is. Taste his creation—enjoy his plan. Accept his invitation to dine.
· Marriage and Relationships—Unveil the mystery and hidden drama that is a common challenge. Intentionally recognize God’s design as a pattern to follow.
· Teens—Learn the impact of family dynamics and experience the power of God in your life as you enter the world. Find out what you missed in Sunday School.
· Budgeting and Stewardship—Marketing and choice are designed with you in mind. Learn to recognize the traps intended hold us captive. Discover a plan that effectively works.
· Women's Ministries—Relationships are important—experience how lingering at the table brings opportunity for healing and restoration.
· Family and Home—Learn to cook with fresh ingredients, and embrace the bigger story behind food.
· Men's Ministries—The presence of God in your life directly affects the people you love.
The power of God is available to you when you acknowledge him. When you know who he is—faith works.
· Prison Ministries—How did I get here and what can I do now? What was your place at the table—let’s talk.
· Hospitality and Serving—Beyond a perfect meal and a lovely setting, preparations begin in your heart.
· Evangelism—Present the gospel in bite size pieces that are tasty and easy to digest.
· Apologetics—Discover how to defend the gospel with an approachable narrative about food.
· Discipleship Training—Be transformed as you pattern you walk, your talk, and your faith according to the goodness of God.
· Counseling—Renew your mind as you discover God’s ways are higher than ours are.
· Fellowship/Friendship—Enjoy studying God’s word together—with the added understanding of God’s design for celebration.
· New Believers—From beginning to end—read the stories, learn the basics. God’s presence is real. Faith is tangible. Love is eternal.

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