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Autor: Denise D. Snow
ISBN-13: 9781512728460
Einband: Ebook
Seiten: 56
Sprache: Englisch
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Seeking Truth.......... Devotion Vs Spirituality

A Study Guide to the Word of God
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About Our Bible Study GuideStrip Off the World's Illusion of GodIf you've ever asked yourself "What is sin? What is righteousness?" and have not found the answer through traditional activities like going to church, this Bible study guide is for you. Without a proper understanding of His teachings, you are unable to live the righteous life God planned for you making it much easier to succumb to a life of sin. Sometimes, it takes times of great adversity for a person to be stripped of these illusions of God that traditional spiritual practices create. Denise Snow, author of "Seeking Truth," has gone through tremendous challenges and her eyes have been opened to things of God. She has heard the voice of God and is now sharing how you can open yourself to God's will to live a life of happiness and success. Too many people fall for the false image of God which prevents them from seeing who He truly is and hearing His voice in their lives.Seek and You Shall FindThis guide is meant to be your companion in discovering the Bible so that you may live your life in accordance with God's word and teachings.Appropriately entitled "Seeking Truth," this book is for the seeker in all of us. Man is too imperfect for us to rely on other people's interpretation of the bible as truth.Let this book inspire you to open your eyes to the message of God's love in the scripture. Through this book, anyone can learn how to make sense of scripture. It offers:
A question-and-answer Bible study framework
A user-friendly guide that tackles the Bible verse by verse
A specific focus on the Old Testament for a more in-depth understanding

Returning to GenesisThe book of Genesis is much richer than you might think. Genesis is remembered by children for its wondrous stories of creation, God's power, and man's original sin.However, this understanding of the first book of the Bible may be riddled with false interpretations influenced by traditional institutions.This guide starts by returning to Genesis to take you on a journey of truth and discovery, free of the false notions.

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Autor: Denise D. Snow
ISBN-13 :: 9781512728460
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Verlag: WestBow Press
Seiten: 56
Sprache: Englisch
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