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Trade Paperback
Clare Swatman
446 g
236x171x25 mm

Clare Swatman is a journalist for weekly women's magazines. Currently she writes the weekly travel pages for Take a Break and is an editor of a local magazine in Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire where she lives. Previously, Clare was a Features Editor for Bella and has written for Best , Woman's Own and Real People .
There is something I need to tell you . . .

Zoe's life is upended when her boyfriend Ed is suddenly is killed. Zoe and Ed met at university, made a life together - then everything they shared was taken away. The morning he died, Zoe and Ed argued and she never told him that she loved him.

Zoe desperately wants a second chance to say the things she never got to say to her husband Ed; to tell him she truly loved him, and that she failed to see what was really important in the time they had together. Now it's too late. Or is it?

As we re-live Zoe's relationship with Ed alongside her, the potential and hope for change - to make things right, to alter the course of their time together - remains alive. Can Zoe change her past and her future?
When Zoe's husband Ed dies, Zoe thinks her world has ended too. But what if she can re-live her past and get Ed back?

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