Locks, T: Fighting ISIS

Locks, T: Fighting ISIS
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195x130x25 mm

Tim Locks is a former bouncer and prison guard. In February 2015, he sold his home in West London, shut down his construction business and flew to Iraq to join a Kurdish militia group in the fight against Islamic State. He is believed to be the first British civilian without a military background to head out to the front line.
Machine-gun fire started to ring out and I flattened myself into the soil. But despite the bullets flying overhead, I couldn't help a smile. This is what I had wanted for so long - to get to the front line and defend innocent people.
The riveting, action-packed true story of a British civilian fighting ISIS on the front line.
Introduction - i: Prologue Chapter - 1: Join the fight Chapter - 2: Kurdistan Chapter - 3: Getting to the front line Chapter - 4: New recruits Chapter - 5: The front line Chapter - 6: Action Chapter - 7: The defence of St Matthew's Chapter - 8: Ramadan Chapter - 10: Disillusioned and frustrated Chapter - 11: Return to the front line Chapter - 12: The Quick Reaction Force Chapter - 13: The tide begins to turn Chapter - 14: Mission accomplished? Section - ii: Appendix: kit

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